Texas Hold’em – Why No Limit?

Texas Hold’em is a game that has takenIt’s a common misconception that limit poker is unbeatable and will always bring the player great success. When a player first learns to play the game of Texas Hold’em, no limit is probably the best and most studied form of the game. The more a player learns about the game, the more likely are they to discover systematic ways to profit from playing.

Some things to consider when learning and studying Texas Hold’em include:

  1. Why are you playing tight?

Perhaps, you are playing tight not because you are scared to lose, or holding back, you are doing this because you think, once you play big, you will be playing all the cards, raising on occasion, making more aggressive moves, which your opponent thinks are smart, especially if your playing to a draw. It is not unusual to play every single card, especially if you are comfortable with the way you are playing the game currently.

  1. How tight are you going to be?

You may be Feeling Undervalued and not taking risks because you feel the tables have already been picked over by another player. If this is the case, your best bet would be to loosen up and be more brash and wild in your betting, especially when you are playing the lower pairs.

  1. How big are your goals in playing Texas Hold’em?

The size of your bankroll is very important when you are playing no limit Texas Hold’em because you are directly competing with players all around the world. Be sure you have enough money to cover the times that you might lose, especially when you are playing shorthanded games.

  1. What is your table image?

If you are a very aggressive player who wins hands by playing bet every chance he gets, it is relatively safe to say that you are not very profitable to play against. Likewise, being a very passive player who only plays a few hands where you do not raise, you can be a little more dangerous.

  1. How big a bankroll are you having?

The size of your bankroll is a determining factor to the number of hands you play during Sit-N-Go’s. If you have a small bankroll, you will want to be playing more hands than most other Sit-N-Go players.

If you have a large bankroll, you will want to tighten it down and only play hands that have a high probability of winning.

The bankroll and the number of hands you play is a trade-off. You want to play when you have enough money to play and you do not want to play too many hands with it. Generally, you want to have around twenty to thirty big blinds before you play a hand.

If you are in the earlier stages of a Sit-N-Go, and you only have a small amount of cash, you will want to play a looser game. When you can access the money easily, you will want to be playing higher stakes. This is especially true in the middle stages of a Sit-N-Go. Hands that you would usually fold in the early stages of a Sit-N-Go, may be perfectly acceptable in the latter stages.

However, you do not want to play with a weak hand in the early stages of the Sit-N-Go because that will open you up to losing more money. Often, it is better to wait and see a better hand in the middle stages of the Sit-N-Go.

In the middle stages of a Sit-N-Go, you will want to loosen up and play more hands. The hands you want to play hard-core in the early stages are hands like A-A, K-K, Q-Q, and may suited connectors like 8-8, 9-9, or 10-10.

You can play almost any suited card in the middle stages of a Sit-N-Go, hold’em hole cards, middle pairs, and any two suited cards. You may want to re-raise a hand like was said above, in middle pairs.

In the latter stages of the Sit-N-Go, you want to play only the strongest hands. It is usually a raise and a fold strategy. If you see that your stack of chips stands to be dwindled down to less than 25% of your chips within the last 10 minutes, it is time to play all your hands.

The main rule in no limit hold’em apply in middle stages is to always fold when you see an opponent has already raised his blinds. You only fight when you have a premium hand.

When you play quality hands without position, you can steal the blinds with a simple raise.