Playing Pot Limit Omaha Poker

You must select your starting hands very carefully because you don’t want to put yourself in a position where you can’t win the pot.

This is also a multi-table stage strategy so you want to make sure you are following it correctly.

Starting hand selection:

For starters you want to look at the strength of the hands in the different stages of the game. slot depo 20 bonus 30 In the early stages most hands are of drawing strength so you don’t really want to be involved in too many pots. In the middle stages a few hands like suited connectors, small pairs, and A-X suited are most likely to be winners. You still want to play hands with high card value in here because you want to hit that flush or straight.

Always be selective with the hands you play. Don’t play every hand and only play the best hands.

Middle stage strategy:

By now you have built yourself a good chip stack and are in the middle stage of the tournament. Here you want to be a bit more aggressive in your play and particularly look to double up with a raise. If you are in one of the pots that have been quite loose and everyone has limped in or you have a decent hand pre-flop then go for it.

Late stage strategy:

Firstly you are probably aware of the fact that you are descending towards the bubble. Every hand counts so I will only give you one more tip. Start concentrating on the players around you and observe them. recognising your own type and style of play will help you to play effectively in all four betting phases of the tournament.

Remember you are racing to the final table so you want to be very selective with your hands.

Tip 8: piristar and the super safe way to win!

If you are playing safe in the early stages and you level out the competition you invariably level out the playing and subsequently your stack will grow more and more.

Tip 9: Buffet

Buffs from the buffet are the best! Buffets are the best because the way they enable you to win chips against players playing worse hands – the competition gets stricter.

Tip 10: The close-game

Although much shorter, this is the most important stage of the tournament. Here you want to be very aggressive and, at the same time, have patience. You should be prepared to take the cash but you also want to get players out of the tournament.

Tip 11: The heads up

With your opponent having less than a stack, it is time to go to the money. Once there, you are definitely at the top, at least for the time being.

Second tip. Poker is a game of immense volatility. Even if you are the best, you can still lose. During downswings, it is common to see even the best get knocked out. So, you should not be afraid to go for the win at any time. Even if you are going through a bad patch, do not be afraid to play your game and fight for your money.